Welcome to Sandcastling.com!

Welcome to Sandcastling.com — a domain name that started with my crazy obsession with sand sculpting.  Click on the link above to explore the “Sandsculpting” aspect of the website. I still need to update much of the content (Especially new stuff, right?) You can find Sandcastling on Facebook too.

But wait! There’s more!

Interested in photography? I’m the current author of four Android class apps that I’m hoping will become a gigantic hit and allow me to retire and sculpt sand all day and photograph all night! (I’m still waiting! Lol!)

  • For lovers of Nikon Digital SLRs there is NikonCams . The current lineup goes from the D7100 through the six year old D40x, but I’m adding more all the time. See specs, info, photos, shutter sounds. Do comparisons between two cameras. All for $0.99 US. Want to get a taste for free? Try my NikonCamsLITE app. It features three DX and three FX cameras.
  • Canon folks — you’re not left out. CanonCams – is now available on Google Play as well. 2012’s 6D through the 5DMark II back in 2008 are featured. Same type of features as NikonCams.
  • MeowMeowBeenz — this one has a story all it’s own, that I’ll have to write about later. Needless to say, if you watch NBC’s “Community”, and know what MeowMeowBeenz are all about, check out my free app.
  • Like that photo at the top? It’s found in my Gallery at Crated.com, or see it over on Facebook, here . The menu link above will also take you to my photography page on Facebook.


  • Finally, the RSS feed to the right — it’s not just some random advertisement. These are actually some of the articles I’ve written for Yahoo! (Gotta do something when I’m not coding or shooting a camera … or playing in the sand!). Yes, they are diverse, but hey, so is life.